Red Letter day for Wavertree!

If you’re a New Order fan, you’ll know all the words and no doubt have some groovy moves for ‘Blue Monday’, but for Wavertree, this Monday, the 10th August, is very definitely RED (and believe me, that is very hard for this Evertonian to type!)

Yes, it’s a red letter day for Wavertree, with no less than THREE reasons to celebrate…

First and foremost, we are absolutely over the moon to hear that our wonderful Wavertree Library is re-opening today (Monday, 10th August) after lockdown. It will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-3pm, with social distancing measures in place and mandatory face coverings. [For further information, please telephone 0151 233 2125 or email]. We have missed our library so much and just can’t wait to get in there and show it some Wavertree love!

Second, after what seems a long, long time with all the renovation works pre-lockdown, we are welcoming back our pool at the Aquatics Centre, and our Lifestyles Gym. Lifestyles members will need to book in advance (please see LCC guidance here) and can spend up to 90 minutes in the gym or an hour in the pool. Again, strict COVID-19 safety measures are in place, including advice to gym users to arrive already in their gym-wear, as dry-side changing rooms will remain closed for now, and for swimmers to arrive “beach ready” with costumes already underneath clothes (but a Love Wavertee top tip – remember to take a dry change for on the way out, or that’s a soggy walk home!)

Come on in, the water’s lovely!

And third, but certainly not least, we welcome back our glorious Town Hall to the High Street. Our friends at the Wavertree Society have pointed out that – after being saved from demolition (a shocking proposition!) – the building was first re-opened as a pub on 8th August 1980. How lovely that 40 years almost to the day, Natalie, Lisa and their team are once again re-opening this beautiful building – and jewel in our High Street’s crown – for all of us to enjoy. Offering a simple, classic and traditional menu, the Town Hall is open for reservations from today, Monday 10th August (0151 291 0184).

Imagine even thinking about knocking this down!

It is great to see all of these valuable assets opening up again, and our grateful thanks and appreciation to our local Councillors and Liverpool City Council for ensuring that our Library and Aquatics Centre can re-open quickly and safely, in what are trying and difficult circumstances for Councils across the country.

Right from the very start, we have firmly stated that Love Wavertree is non-political. Our mantra was and remains: ‘Red, Yellow, Green or Blue – Wavertree needs you!

Our draft values from Day 1 – one year on, they remain as valid as ever

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been delighted to welcome Cllr Ruth Bennett, Chief Whip of Liverpool Labour Group, Cllr Richard Kemp, leader of the Liverpool Lib Dems and Cllr Tom Crone, leader of the Liverpool Greens to visit us at the ReLoved Shop and Hub. They have all been hugely impressed by our community spirit, our collective dedication to Wavertree and the amount of community-led activity we already have going on at, and around, the Hub. Many thanks to all three for taking the time to visit ReLoved and for recognising the value of our community’s continued efforts and hard work.

So, our founding principle remains true – Red, Yellow, Green or Blue – Wavertree needs you! – but just for today, we are very happy to nail our colours to the mast to come together and celebrate our red letter day.

A huge and warm Wavertree welcome back to our Library, Aquatics Centre and our glorious Town Hall (where we will very definitely be painting the High Street red!)

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