Wavo in the News!

Wavo in the News!

We have absolutely loved seeing a series of good news stories about wonderful Wavertree over the last couple of weeks.

We were delighted to see our friends and neighbours at Damien John Kelly House getting positive coverage in the Liverpool Echo in its piece about the efforts of all the lads who live at DJK and are getting through lockdown, while coping with all the additional pressures that recovery brings. Nice one fellas! We are all rooting for you!

Lads at DJK. Quote from Picton Clock, pic from Liverpool Echo

Since becoming part of our community, the lads from DJK have been a great help to Joyce and John in tending to and maintaining the Rose Garden. This hasn’t changed during lockdown and has proved to be invaluable as people who might usually be in our local pubs have taken to having a drink or two outside! Big thanks to team DJK for working so hard in keeping this lovely piece of local green space clean and tidy for us all to enjoy.

Meanwhile our neighbours in Berrington Community Gardens made the national news with The Guardian paying them a visit to cover how they have come together to clean up their shared alleyways and create a space for neighbours to get some fresh air and socialise at a safe distance during lockdown. We absolutely love what you have done! It looks amazing, and is so inspirational. You can follow the Berrington bunch on Twitter at @BerringtonComm1

Before and After! (photo credit: Berrington Community Gardens)

We hope we can continue to work together in creating and maintaining these fantastic green and shared spaces for all of our Wavertree community to enjoy as we move beyond lockdown, together.

Berrington Community Gardens (photo credit: Joel Goodman/ The Guardian)

Of course we are made up with all of this positive media coverage and while we are totally in favour of looking at the bright side, we can’t help but think back to the beginning of the ‘Love Wavertree’ campaign and how we came together as a community in response to negative stories in the media!

We love that the world is getting to know our Wavertree a little better 🙂

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