On yer bike!

On yer bike!

We are delighted to hear that Liverpool is set to get new temporary cycle lanes in response to COVD19 lockdown. We understand that two routes are already signed-off and set for launch, and that they are being delivered as part of a wider package of post-virus public realm improvements for Liverpool.

We would love to see a temporary – and permanent – cycle lane running through Wavertree and along Picton Road. We could get all the way from Netherley through Woolton into town (and beyond!) on this route. Following the path of the 79, it goes through the University of Liverpool campus and we have plenty of students that would use it – as well as plenty of keen cyclists in general.

We think our de-commissioned bus lanes would make perfect bike lanes!

When is a bus lane not a bus lane? When it’s a bike lane?

Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂

*** UPDATE ***
We are so pleased to report that Wavertree is one of the districts chosen to host a temporary cycle lane as part of LCC’s response to the COVID lockdown. Our route is the ‘University Route’, Number 6 (getting our kicks on Route #6!) and as reported here by the Echo will run through: Gateacre – Woolton Road – Wavertree – Lawrence Road – Crown Street – Myrtle Street – City Centre.

We look forward to using the new bike lane when it arrives and to future progress in creating safe and permanent cycling provision.

2 thoughts on “On yer bike!

  1. As someone born and bred in Wavertree who has cycled to every job I’ve had (at some point) I would love this to happen all the way to Hope St BUT the quality of the roads is terrible and even for experienced cyclists on well maintained bikes it is a concern on that route. I cycle from Thingwall road in to the Baltic area and have to use back roads, pavements and pedestrian areas to do the journey effectively and with any sort of comfort.
    Dedicated cycle lane with a decent road covering would make it do-able but you will have to stop the pavement parking too.
    Please do it as more people need to cycle.

    1. Thanks Sean! Yes we agree, it would definitely need better quality infrastructure to support a permanent feature, and we know all too well that we currently have to keep our wits about us as cyclists and use all our local intel on the best routes! Agreed too re the pavement parking and we would add that a number of the traffic lights/junctions along the route such as at Rathbone and Bishopgate need sorting too. Mayor Joe has asked for people to email comments if you would please join us to register our case (and input and concerns) for Wavo

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