Litter Picks

Litter Picks

We are always keen to show our local area a bit of care and attention, and to get it looking its absolute best. One thing that regularly brings our community together is our litter picks. You would be surprised how much feel-good energy comes with picking up bits of rubbish!

Every couple of weeks since last Spring, community members of all ages have been out in all weathers with our sticks and bags. Our informal survey shows the main culprits are cigarette butts, takeaway wrappers and discarded beer bottles – but on the healthier side, fruit peel and pistachio nut shells!

Sharon is the Queen of our Litter Picks!

Even during lockdown, residents have been out litter-picking independently or in a group while maintaining social distance.

We are pleased to say that litter picking is a fashionable pursuit across the whole of Wavertree. We have organised litter picks along the High Street, The Mystery, Picton Road and most recently with our friends and neighbours on Lawrence Road (with very welcome refreshments provided by the Co-op!)

We are absolutely delighted to have been named as a finalist for the Aviva Community Impact Award in the Liverpool Echo Environment Awards 2020! It is testament to our fantastic community, but in particular to Sharon Bingham – Queen of our Litter Picks! – for all of her hard work and organisation, and to Lynsey Wilson who put our award application together.

We will be dusting off our black tie, best frocks and ballgowns for the awards ceremony, which will now take place as a virtual event on Thursday 10th September 2020. Maybe we’ll even wear them for our next Litter Pick!

Everything crossed! And best of luck to all the very worthy finalists.

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