A community campaign working with, of and for the people of Wavertree.

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125 years and 104 acres, but could we do more?

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“Something amazing is happening in Wavertree”

Liverpool Echo, 21st September 2019


ove Wavertree is a CIC and community campaign for positive action working with, of and for the people of Wavertree, Liverpool.

We are an independent collective of local residents who have come together with one overarching thing in common: We Love Wavertree.

Back in the Spring of 2019, our community rallied together in response to some negative local and national news stories that just didn’t look, sound or feel like the Wavertree we all know and love.

Building on the strength of our community spirit and the pride we share in Wavertree’s abundant built and cultural heritage, we have since worked together to make some wonderful things happen in our local area – from little things like community cuppas in our local cafes and making our streets cleaner with regular litter picks, to big events including Liverpool’s first ‘Car Free Day’ in September 2019, which saw over 5,000 people celebrating on Wavertree High Street.

We are pleased that our burst of community action has led to more positive media coverage! But, more importantly, we have seen our local area spring back to life and have loved getting to know our neighbours as friends.We are delighted to have secured a premises at 203 Picton Road, which will operate both as a shop and community hub. We want this to be a space for the whole of Wavertree. All profits from the ‘ReLoved‘ shop will be reinvested into our community.

‘ReLoved’ has very quickly become the beating heart of our community. Working through the hub, community members have started a weekly running club, book club and ‘Borrow a Book’ club, ‘Wavertree in Bloom’ group, arts club, film group, photography group, crafting, sewing and making, poetry and writing groups. And there is much more to come!…

We are committed to a positive future for Wavertree as a happy, healthy area and welcome anyone who wants to join in and support.

We can all make a difference!

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